Consumer Products

Consumer Product Terms and Conditions

This Consumer Product Warranty and Return Policy (“Policy”) is InBody Oceania Pty Ltd’s (“InBody”) warranty and return policy as it pertains to InBody-brand consumer products (“Products”), such as the InBodyDial H20N, sold through InBody’s consumer product webpage/subdomain (“Site”), and specifically excludes and does not apply to InBody-brand professional-use models, such as the InBody 570 body composition analyser. As part of your purchase of Products via the Site, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


Warranty Guidelines for Accessories/Consumer Products: (BAND Series, BP 170, H20 Series, PUSH):

  1. All Products are covered under a limited 1-year (365 days) warranty starting from the date of Product purchase from InBody or an official InBody distributor or affiliate. The warranty service provided will be in the form of a repair or replacement, at InBody’s sole discretion. The Product must be shipped back, at Customer’s expense, to InBody for proper inspection prior to issuing a resolution. InBody will cover the cost of the repair or replacement and shipping to the Customer. Damage to a Product caused by you is specifically excluded from this warranty.
  2. This Policy is not applicable for disposable items, such as InBody-brand paper or tissue, and such disposable items are specifically excluded from this warranty.
  3. Purchasers are encouraged to contact InBody for warranty confirmation in the event of a Product purchase from a non-InBody affiliate third party.


4. InBody Assurance of Product Reliability:
      • InBody hereby assures that the product has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation processes, including testing under severe conditions, to ensure its quality and performance.
      • While InBody strives to provide a high-quality product, it is important to acknowledge that certain factors beyond our control may lead to product faults or malfunctions, especially under extreme or unforeseen circumstances.
      • Purchaser acknowledges that the product's performance may vary under different conditions, and InBody does not provide an unconditional guarantee against product faults or malfunctions in all scenarios.
      • InBody’s liability for any product faults or malfunctions shall be subject to the terms and limitations outlined in this agreement.
      • Purchaser is encouraged to use the product in accordance with the provided guidelines and recommendations to minimise the risk of faults or malfunctions. Any misuse or improper handling of the product may void the warranty and limit InBody’s liability.

    5. In the event a Product is proven to be delivered defective, Purchaser shall notify InBody within three (3) business days from the date of discovery of defect.

    6. Purchaser is responsible for any and all risks arising from the use of the        Products. InBody disclaims any other warranties, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for specific purposes, and implied warranty regarding ownership or non-infringement, whether express or implied, to the maximum extent permitted by the applicable.

    7. InBody shall not provide repairs under warranty when damage or malfunction to Product(s) results from:
      • Purchaser abuse, misuse, negligence, or any other defect caused by the Purchaser/User.
      • Purchaser fails to follow the installation, operation, or maintenance instructions described in the setup/user’s.
      • Any defect or damage caused by natural disasters (storm, flood, earthquake, etc.), power failures or surges, actions of third parties, and any other event outside InBody’s reasonable control or not arising under normal.
      • Purchaser disassembles Product(s), modifies internal Product components, or programs, or causes any other unauthorized personnel to do the same. Evidence of tampering will result in a void.

    8. The following procedures apply under this warranty:

      • Upon discovery of a defect, and during the warranty period, the Purchaser will contact InBody. InBody will diagnose the malfunction and advise the Purchaser which component is most likely the cause of the
      • If initial or subsequent diagnosis confirms that the existing malfunction is beyond the Purchaser’s ability to correct, InBody may find it necessary for the Purchaser to send the Product(s) to InBody for
      • Purchaser must package the defective Product in its original box for return to InBody.
      • Under no circumstances will InBody ship parts to the Purchaser for self-repair or repair by an unauthorized technician.
      • Based on the date of the receipt of the defective Product, InBody shall repair and ship back the repaired Product in a timely manner, under InBody’s sole discretion. Purchasers may call customer service for an estimated return date.

    9. Shipping 

    Purchaser will cover the shipping to InBody Service Centre, and InBody will cover shipping costs to return to Purchasers. Where customs and taxes are required, will be covered by the Purchaser.

    All orders are processed within 5 business days. Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays.

      • Fees for expedited, special orders, or other non-standard shipping options shall be calculated separately via the size and weight of your
      • Products package, the distance between our closest warehouse and your shipping address, and the shipping speed requested.
      • Orders shall be shipped within ten (10) business days following order receipt.

    10. Orders

    Orders that are system flagged may be asked to verify additional information and we are not responsible for delays in processing your order.


    11. Third-Party Providers

    Products are made available via non-InBody third-party providers. These providers may have certain terms and conditions applicable to Products that are in addition to this Policy or contradict this Policy. In the event that third-party provider terms and conditions contradict or otherwise overlap with this Policy, those third-party provider terms shall take precedent.



    Returns, Refunds, and Discounts

    Accessories and/or Products can be returned to InBody within 30 calendar days of purchase if unopened and unused. The following conditions apply to such returned items. 

      1. Purchaser shall be liable for shipping of the returned item.
      2. Up to a 15% restocking fee, calculated from the total package value, if the following conditions apply to the returned item:
        • Returned Product box is open or in poor condition, in InBody’s sole discretion; or
        • Missing contents of the original package, including

                    3. Poor condition of the returned Product(s) will result in up to a 15% restocking fee, based on the total package value.

    Subscription Fees: Refunds will not be provided for subscription fees. If a Purchaser was billed or charged improperly, the amount will be deducted from the next billing cycle. Additionally, the amount incorrectly charged can be prorated and can be used to extend the subscription

      • In the event you decide to cancel your subscription and have been charged incorrectly, InBody will refund the difference of the incorrectly charged amount.